What Is The Cloud

What Is The Cloud?

If you’re a little unsure of what “the cloud” is in computer language, or how it works, here’s a quick primer. The cloud is just a shortened term for cloud computing, which is basically utilizing someone else’s computers over the Internet for storing data and files, and running software programs. In an increasing world of wireless connectivity, the cloud has become a valuable source for keeping your most important files secure.

Convenient Access

The cloud allows offers you powerful and convenient access to any of your documents or files and applications wherever there’s a computer (or smartphone or tablet) and an Internet connection. An application that runs on the cloud usually means there are multiple internet-connected computers around the globe that host the application, and you simply access it from your computer location. Many businesses utilize the cloud because it allows them to offer sophisticated applications simultaneously to people, while decreasing the need for your computer to handle the software by itself.

Data File Storage

File storage is another area that benefits from the cloud. Your files are safer and more secure since they are not just on your hard drive, flash drive or portable storage. Cloud storage simply synchronizes with folders stored on your computer hard drive, meaning you always have a backup of important files. You can also rent or purchase audio, video or apps and store it there, as well as stream movies without the need to wait for the files to download.

There are a ton of cloud applications to choose from, some will require a paid subscription and offer different levels of storage space based on what you pay. And the cloud does somewhat depend on data, which can quickly use up a monthly allotment on a smart phone, for example. So, do your homework when it comes to selecting a cloud storage option.

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What Is Virtualization

What Is Virtualization

In regards to computers and technology

Virtualization means to create a virtual replica of a computer device or network resource. Examples of this would be a virtual server, data storage, network or even an entire operating system for your PC’s, where the framework divides the resource into one or more environments. Even something as simple as partitioning a hard drive is considered virtualization because you take one drive and partition it to create two separate or “Virtual” hard drives. PC’s, software applications and users are able to interact and access the virtual resource as if it were a real single logical (physical) resource.

The term virtualization is being used more often these days around the IT community, and as a result the term is being associated with various IT technologies including storage devices, servers for centralized data, OS environements, networks and application execution.

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Knoxville TN Computer Support

Knoxville Managed IT Services

JamKo IT Services now supporting Knoxville, Tennessee Businesses.

JamKo IT Services is growing! James Kockler, owner and CEO of JamKo IT Services, with headquarters in Fort Myers, Florida announced the expansion of their Managed IT Services into the Knoxville, Tennessee area.

We couldn’t do this without our valued clients in SW Florida, said Kockler. This expansion will enhance both IT Service locations with more resources and quality services.

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Gateway Sun Publications

Gateway Sun Press Release

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A Gateway Sun wrote a story…

On our new location in Gateway

Aour membership in the new Gateway BNI Chapter, “The Gateway Business Leaders!”

Check out the article here, and checkout a snippet from the article below:

“Someone who we did speak with on the record is James Kockler of JamKo Force Networks.

Kockler’s company represents the group’s Computer Networks category and he was already a BNI member with a Fort Myers area chapter. However, JamKo recently set up a new business office here in Gateway so Kockler decided to make the switch to the Gateway Business Leaders chapter.

“I have been a member of BNI since November of 2013. It was a tough decision to transfer from the Radical Networkers chapter into the Gateway Business Leaders chapter, as my previous chapter had brought a great deal of success to my business. JamKo had recently opened our main location in the heart of Gateway, looking to fill the void for a computer company in the community. After visiting Gateway Business Leaders and seeing the enormous potential for growing my business with such a strong core group of people in Gateway, the decision just made sense,” said Kockler.

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