EDR vs Anti-Virus

EDR vs Anti-Virus

What is the difference between traditional Anti-Virus and EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response)?

Making the wrong choice between the two solutions could mean a massive Cybersecurity breach is on the horizon for your business.

Below we will explore some key advantages of securing your business computer systems with EDR instead of traditional Anti-Virus:

Rollback Feature: 
In the event a malware attack on your computer systems is successful, all changes made by ransomware or viruses can be rolled back to their pre-infection state. Traditional anti-virus cannot rollback damage caused by malicious software. EDR saves time, money, and valuable resources for your business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):
EDR leverages AI to detect and prevent both current and emerging cyber threats to your IT infrastructure. Anti-virus on the other hand relies on slow rolling updates which lag behind cyber-attacker’s latest methods. 

Automated Remediation:
Endpoint Detection and Response allows for automated response and remediation to damage caused by malware. Anti-Virus requires lengthy investigation and manual remediation of damage which could cost your business valuable hours, days, weeks and even months of computer system downtime. 

The Solution: 
JamKo IT Services provides Managed EDR. Let the experts manage it for you. Contact us to find out how Endpoint Detection and Response can elevate your business’s cybersecurity readiness and let us manage the entire process for you.

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