Benefits of Managed IT Services

Why Managed IT Services

Your Business Needs It

Typically, a managed services provider is considered a company that manages and provides a defined set of technology services to its clients offsite or externally. These services are outsourced and offloaded to the provider, which is typically called or known as managed IT services. But the real question is, what is really offered or involved?

Breaking It All Down

A managed IT services provider will take over all of the aspects of your IT management tasks, ranging from acting as a liaison with your technology vendors (such as Comcast or AT&T) to servicing employee trouble tickets – basically taking the stress off your hands by handling the day to day technical operations of your company so you don’t have to. These can also include network support and monitoring, IT consulting, network and threat protection, anti-virus protection, patch management, upgrades, procurement and disposal, and more.

Hiring a Service Provider

The benefits of hiring a managed IT services provider are many. Your employees, who are demanding the latest technology in the workplace, as well as fast and efficient support when and wherever they need it, will be able to work more efficiently. Your business will be able to maximize ROI because you’ll improve daily operations while cutting expenses in the process. You can outsource the time and energy needed to acquire, deploy and manage computer, tablet, phone devices and more, while getting greater stability and visibility on your technology costs. Security is built-in to employees who are accessing devices and applications off-site. All computer or network-maintenance activities are covered, so you can focus on building your business.

Comprehensive reporting is also available to allow you to keep track of everything that’s happening with your company within its IT realm. You’ll also eliminate unplanned repair services that can be a huge cost burden to any organization. The results? Your company will be able to take advantage of the money saved and reinvest in your business for added staff, technology or equipment needs, while boosting overall operational performance.

Faster Network Speeds

Faster Ethernet Speeds In Demand

Ethernet Speeds of 100G

Of particular interest to corporate network owners is the growing trend to upgrade to 100G Ethernet capability. The demand for faster ethernet speeds is increasing as technology continues to expand.

Furthermore there were about 1 million 100G Ethernet network ports purchased in 2016. And in 2018 it is expected to increase to nearly 12 million. As a result, large enterprise companies continue to look at that technology for their networks for the increased speed and performance it offers.

The Network Giant, Cisco Agrees

The increased need for faster ethernet speeds and data being transferred from networks is driving the upgrade of the backbone, said Roland Acra. Roland Acra is senior vice president and General Manager of Cisco’s Data Center Business Group.

While 100G technology is gearing up, so is another level of Ethernet speed known as the 25G segment. As a result, the 25G segment has experienced revenue increases of 176% with purchases growing 359% in 1Q18, according to technical news sources.

Cisco had a big lead on 25G as they corner the market with about 80% of the sales. However it is projected that Dell, Arista, Juniper and others to see significant increases this year.

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Hippa Compliance


Avoiding HIPAA Fines Compliance - Logo

Avoiding HIPPA Fines

JamKo specializes in (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) HIPAA technology compliance for medical offices in SWFL. The fines by the HIPAA regulatory body, are potentially crippling to most medical practices. JamKo can help in avoiding HIPAA fines.

Did you know, doing something as simple as running a Windows XP computer on your network, could result in fines of $50,000/per affected patient record? This could equate to putting a medical practice out of business.

We partner with local Attorney at Law, Bruce Vanderlaan

This partnership helps in covering all the bases in avoiding HIPAA fines and compliance for our customers who are operating medical practices. We believe in a comprehensive approach to securing your computer and network infrastructure, while making sure we do things as cost effectively and competently as possible, without cutting corners. Partnering with a legal professional who possesses a wealth of experience in dealing with HIPAA compliance for SWFL medical practices, allows us to provide the necessary level of service to accomplish our goals.

We offer a free evaluation of your medical office computers and network infrastructure, and we will deliver easy to understand results. Contact us at 239-634-6540 to setup your free evaluation. We will deliver the peace of mind you deserve, so you are able to focus on running your practice.


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-by Jim Kockler


slow computer networks

Why Is Your Computer Network Slow?

Computer Networks Slow Networks Logo

Did you know most people are running their office and home computer networks at 1/10 the available speed? To make matters worst, wireless networks are often running less than 1/10 the speed available, even while using the popular “N” standard for wireless communication.

Manufacturers, retail stores, and salespeople, know the specs customers are generally honed in on. Most consumers are simply unaware of what the 802.11ac wireless standard actually means, or what a gigabit network switch is. Thus, they are sold outdated and slow technology disguised as a hot-buy because the hard drive is 1TB instead of 500GB. With how much of our computing life is spent inside of a web browser, the salesperson who sold you the computer with a slow wireless interface, would be inline to sell you a car with only two tires.

Even if you are fortunate enough to have modern network and wireless cards in your computer, most networks are still back-boned with outdated technology. We have fixed countless network problems simply by replacing the main network switch, which is one of the least expensive network components to have installed. I often find other IT consulting firms quoting new servers at an average of $7,000 to fix a slow network issue, when the problem was not the server. Instead, simply replacing the outdated 100mbps network switch with a modern 1,000mbps (gigabit) switch, resolved the issue. To give you an idea of the price difference, replacing a 24 port managed network switch is roughly $350 parts and labor. Those numbers speak for themselves.

Fast Computer Networks

The price point for the faster network standards has come well within range of affordability for the average consumer and small business. There is no reason for your business to run at 1/10 it’s potential. Your family shouldn’t have to fight over a bottle necked home network. JamKo will upgrade your network to the level it deserves, and we always make it affordable.

We offer a free second opinion on your current IT needs, so before you buy, give us a call for a no pressure second look.

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-by Jim Kockler