Be Malware Aware

Be Malware Aware

Awareness is one of the best ways to protect your business’s computer systems from cybersecurity threats. Cyber criminals rely on your employee’s lack of knowledge to carry out attacks.

Below are some common ways bad actors are successful in hacking into your business’s computer systems and how to avoid these attacks:

Spoofing: Pretending to Be Someone They’re Not:
Beware of emails that appear to be from a coworker or a customer requesting sensitive information. Always check the sender email address, not just the name of the sender. You can usually see the full sender email address by clicking the “from” area at the top of an email.

Email Attachments and Links:
Always be wary of email attachments, even if you think you know the sender. Links embedded into emails can take you to fake websites imitating well known sites such as DocuSign. You can hover over the email links to see the web address that the link will take you to. Double check the destination website is legitimate. If you’re unsure, ask your IT staff to double check it.

Misconfigured Computers:
It’s a red flag if your computers allow you to install programs or updates without an administrator password prompt. This indicates your computers could be at risk to inadvertently install malware and viruses. All installs should require a password to keep your network protected.

Get in Touch if you have Questions or Concerns:
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