Cloud Backup

The Cloud is Not a Backup

The Cloud is not Necessarily a Backup

While cloud backups do protect your data, not everything in the cloud qualifies as a backup. Many businesses believe that just because something is in the cloud, it automatically means the data is backed up.

Below are examples of data that is stored in the cloud but not necessarily backed up:

Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange Online, Gmail, and other Hosted Email Providers hold your email data in the cloud. The problem is most people automatically assume this data is backed up. The truth is it’s not backed up unless there is a specific agreement with the provider to do so through their backup agent software, retention policies, or through a 3rd party backup provider.

Cloud File Drives:
Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive are two of the most widely utilized cloud drives for file storage. It is commonly assumed these files are backed up. If the files only exist in a single location, it is not a backup. In order to be a backup, data must exist in at least two different places.

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