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What exactly does an Information Technology Help Desk do?

What are the traits of a comprehensive and effective help desk?

How does a business benefit from outsourcing their help desk?

We will take a look at these questions and more below:

Technical Support Help Desks work around the clock 24x7x365 helping Businesses succeed. Well, maybe not all, but those that do we consider to be Quality Desks.

How a Help Desk helps:
When staff members have computer system problems, concerns, or a general technical question, they contact the IT help desk either by email, phone, and sometimes by chat programs. Tech support is just a click or call away.

The Quality Desk:
Quality help desks possess traits which make their technical support processes stand out from the rest.

Response and resolution times are critical. Our team at JamKo IT Services maintains a response and resolution time to most tickets at under 1 hour. The industry standard is much longer, but we do not settle for average and neither should you.

Issue tracking is also very important. When your staff members open a technical support ticket with the help desk, the responding agent should know the history employees have with the computer systems. The agent working on their case should know what the last support agent did with them previously, especially if it’s an ongoing issue.

Help Desk Advantage:
Businesses gain extensive Managed IT Support advantages through outsourcing the help desk. The costs of an internal IT Team which includes a help desk are high compared to outsourcing the roles. Small to Medium Businesses are able to leverage the power of a full IT team at a lower cost through outsourcing CIO Services. This allows SMBs to compete with their larger competitors on a more even playing field. An external Managed IT Services Team is typically better at maintaining technical documentation. An internal IT person could exit their role without leaving documented technical information and face little to no recourse.

We Can Help:
JamKo IT Services provides Help Desk Solutions to meet the demands of Businesses across all industries. We also offer Managed Security Solutions in addition to technical support. Our Cybersecurity stack includes EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response to defend against malware), Patch Management, Data Backup, System Monitoring, Vulnerability Scanning, Web Security, Mobile Device Management, Email Security, Firewall Monitoring, and more.

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Ingredients for Speed


How do you get it for your Business Network and Computers?

Let’s talk simple hardware upgrades and the internet technology at the edge of your office network.

Below are easy changes to look for when getting into new business computer systems. We’ll also look at how the type of internet in use at your office could potentially keep your new supercharged computer stuck at the starting gates.

RAM (Memory):
It was not that long ago when 8GB of RAM was sufficient for a business computer. The bare minimal for RAM in today’s business application environment is 16GB. Anything less than that is probably going to cause your web apps to stall out in your internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge). A computer with 32-64GB of RAM is going to run business apps well into the future.

Hard Drive:
Solid-State Hard Drives (SSDs) are faster than traditional mechanical hard drives (HDDs). Even though solid-state Drives have become the standard for recent computer purchases, some new machines are still sold with the older HDD mechanical drives.

If the Atari 800 could swing an SSD in 1982, it’s probably time for your computer to have one today.

The internet at your office could act as a bottleneck. Most businesses rely on some form of cloud-based applications, if not completely depend on them. The fastest computer you can buy will not help speed up access to cloud programs if the internet connecting your staff to the apps is slow.

We Can Help:
JamKo IT Services resells workstation and server hardware for major manufacturers such as Dell and Lenovo. We also make recommendations for direct purchase through your 3rd party of choice. Our Internet Service Provider partners will connect your network at modern bandwidths.

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